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Feb 28 2021

Credit one bank approval

Credit one bank approval

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Credit one bank approval


3 Steps to Credit One Pre-Approval (How to Pre-Qualify + 5 Top Offers)

By: Brittney Mayer Updated: 8/13/2018

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When companies check your credit report, there are two ways it can be done: through a hard inquiry, or a soft inquiry. A hard inquiry, or pull, generally involves a lender (or another party) requesting your complete credit report. A hard pull will usually leave a small negative mark on your report that comes with a matching decrease in your credit score for up to 24 months.

A soft inquiry, on the other hand, does not affect your credit score or report, but it doesn’t contain as much information as a hard pull. Soft inquiries are often made during background checks, but can also be used by credit card companies to pre-qualify, or pre-approve, a credit applicant.

Pre-qualification is a great way to test the credit waters and see the likelihood of being approved by an issuer. For a Credit One Bank credit card, the fast, easy pre-approval process can be completed entirely online.

Step 1. Go Online to the Credit One Bank® Website

Everyone who applies for a Credit One credit card goes through pre-approval, particularly in light of the fact that Credit One specializes in subprime — bad credit — consumers. This helps ensure that everyone who applies for a credit card meets at least the minimum standards for approval.The pre-qualification process starts by heading to the Credit One website.

You can start the pre-approval process by clicking the link above, then moving on to Step 2. If you’ve already received a Credit One credit card pre-approval offer in the mail, you can skip the next step and instead use this link to enter your approval code.

Step 2. Enter Your Information into the Pre-Approval Form

The straightforward pre-approval form takes just minutes to complete. You’ll be asked all the basics, like name, address, and phone number, as well as your annual income and Social Security number.

The Credit One pre-approval form is simple, asking for basic information such as address and income.

Make sure that the information you enter is accurate; any missing or incorrect information could lead to a false rejection, making you think you don’t qualify for a particular card when you really do. It could also lead to an incorrect pre-approval, causing you to apply for a credit card — and endure a hard credit pull — for which you don’t actually meet the minimum requirements.

Step 3. See Your Pre-Qualified Credit Card Offers

After you’ve completed the pre-qualification form, simply press the “See Card Offers” button to, well, see your card offers. The pre-approval process generally only takes minutes and will reveal the Credit One cards that are the best match for you.

Once you’ve selected the pre-approval offer that suits your needs, you can complete the official application. Keep in mind that this application will result in a hard credit check, which will impact your credit score.

Top 5 Credit One Offers

To get an idea of which Credit One credit cards you may qualify for, or just to see our expert’s take on each card, check out our Credit One card reviews. Our expert’s top five Credit One cards are below to get you started.



Credit one bank approval Credit one bank approval Credit one bank approval Credit one bank approval

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